For many people this is the traditional time of year to prepare for Christmas however in our experience there are still plenty of people hoping to purchase a new home even if they don't intend moving in until the New Year. At this time of year its even more important to enlist the help of a proactive Estate Agent with a working knowledge of the local market. Here at DAVIS & LATCHAM we're more than happy to provide free help and advice if you're preparing for a home move - NO MATTER HOW LARGE OR SMALL WE NEED YOUR PROPERTY SO DO GIVE US A CALL!

Despite the ramifications of Brexit and continued uncertainty - will we be in or will we be out - as we end 2019 we are still seeing signs of activity, so there's plenty to remain positive about.

We're optimistic that 2020 will see the return of a healthier market so that property remains affordable for all budgets.

We will always do our utmost to meet your expectations by providing a professional, friendly and approachable service and we would be delighted to add your home to our register. Particularly in demand are bungalows and 3 bed semis, so don't delay and take advantage of making a move as the market shows encouraging signs of activity.

If you'd like to share in our success by buying or selling through DAVIS & LATCHAM pop into our Market Place office, telephone us on 01985 846985 or e-mail us on